Eventful Events


This day started early, as at 12 I had to be in Odaiba, attending a kind of event I have never been to before: The Hacchake Tai Talk-Eat-Drink-Mini-Live-Karaoke-Event – I have no idea how to call it. It was located in Tokyo Culture Culture, right next to the big ferris wheel, on top of Zepp Tokyo, offering a table and seat, food and drinks. Continue reading

Among regulars


In the evening I was on my way to my first regular live by PiiiiiiiN at their new venue, the Ebisu CreAto. As I have never been there before I looked up the map on my mobile and decided that the easiest way would be if I come from Shibuya station. It actually was easy, just follow one of the main streets straight, but finding the right directions with all the walkways around the station became tricky. In the end I was successful though. Continue reading