Ups and downs


That day I had scheduled my attendance at the Mtopi Festival at Shibuya DUO, with Mtopi being the new group of Mizuta Mari, who nevertheless continuous performing solo – luckily, as the group has a very different style that doesn’t suit my taste. Additionally several other idols were present as well as regular musicians, even males. Some Rapper guy (Alaska Jam) for example or a mix-duo with a girl on Piano and a guy sharing the vocals with her (littleAct). But the line-up of the idol groups present featured some nice and interesting artists:


Maison book girl
森心言(Alaska Jam)

But some other things turned out more difficult. If anything had worked out as planned, I would have met Shaun that evening. But as he only had arrived that day and my festival took too long, it wasn’t possible. It didn’t help that I had lend my wifi device to Andy and that way had no way of communication the whole day. This became a big let-down for me. If I remember right, Julian was also around somewhere in Tokyo, but our schedules never interfered, so it became impossible to meet. On the other hand I met Marty at the location, he mostly being there for 夏の魔物, ブラックDPG and ゆるめるモ!(Yurumerumo). To my slight dismay, some people in the area had a lot to drink that day and became very loud. Have I already mentioned that I find drunk people obnoxious – Even though their after-show-stories often turn out interesting? (lol) Anyway another downside became PiiiiiiiN‘s event – as there was none! I found this very strange but I looked around the place everywhere and couldn’t see them. I still can not fathom this. Maybe I nevertheless overlooked them?

Anyway, the festival had started in the late morning but the first group I wanted to see was PiiiiiiiN who would only appear around 14 o’clock, so I had lunch with Andy in Ueno. To not displease him I stayed longer than I wanted which in consequence led me to hurry for Shibuya, where I also took a short cut that just resulted in me getting lost. After all this years I can  still not find my way around the station. When I finally arrived I already heard PiiiiiiiN perform, so I just put my baggage into the next corner and stole my way to the front. Luckily this was easy to handle on the sides of the track. I found Marty right next to me there, but my attention was all concentrated to the stage. Ayano rarely appeared at the side where I was standing, but Rizu, Ami and Arisa did. As I have already mentioned, I couldn’t find their event later on (if there was on), but that way, with being noticed by some members, I can at least uphold the illusion that I am just in for the music, not for the after-show interaction 😉

I am not sure about the exact chronology of the groups that appeared afterwards, but the next groups I saw had been Mizuta Mari and Rhymeberry. The former I only watched from afar, as I am not used to Mari‘s songs yet and there was no friend this time around with me during her live. But for Rhymeberry‘s performance I again joined the front on the sideline and really had my fun. Their music has something endearing and I like the expressive but safe fan interaction, without any lifting and such. No further groups of interest to me appeared after, so around 16 o’clock the first part of the festival ended and the break was used for the first events, the time I also had expected PiiiiiiiN to take part in.

As there was nothing much to do and I decided to take part in the events of Mtopi. They would have their big appearance at the end of the festival, but during the break a fast cheki-shooting was done with each of the members. And with fast I really mean fast. I obviously chose Mari (also for the fact to make Tsutomo envious, lol), we each exchanged some quick Hello, the pose was already predetermined by Mari, shot was done, Goodbye! As fast as an Up Up Girls Group-handshake. So yea, I can not really add anything more to that episode.


As there was still time left, I then went to take a look at the Rhymeberry merchandise booth, where I spotted the shirt my sister wanted to have back then. So I decided spontaneously to participate for the first time in a Rhymeberry event. To make it easier I just got me a group cheki and got in the line which was of adequate size. When it became my turn I was first welcomed by Miri, in a very self-confident manner. Misaki however was nice and friendly, but much more reserved. Their personality totally fits the attitudes they show on stage.  Nonetheless I feel that Misaki has no chance in displaying more of herself when Miri is around. During my waiting time in the queue Misaki was full of energy when talking alone with her fans, but during 3shots she became the shy/bored, even annoyed looking person, who let Miri handle all the communication. Anyway after welcoming me we did the shot, after Miri thankfully decided its pose. She also handled the cheki and started signing it, whereas I started to talk with Misaki, who was still rather cheerful looking, telling her I bought their album and stuff like that. She really began to smile and thank me, with an undertone of surprise. This though made Miri join the conversation, to exclaim to my surprise now, that she remembered me from summer, from the Corazon show and the Acoustic Live at Shinjuku LOFT Bar. I agreed and added that my sister likes her very much. Up to this point Misaki tried her best in participating in the conversation, even letting hear an “Ooh!” when I mentioned my sister. But seeing me engaging with Miri now she reclused herself soon, though I tried my best to include both members into the conversation. Some girls are better fitted to be idols, and others … are Misaki, lol.


This meeting went great and I should go greet Miri some time again, even if just for the fact of her remembering. Then to my disappointment Rhymeberry has just added a new member and I can not – by any means – get used to her “singing”. Her style may be appropriate for several idol groups, like Moso Calibration maybe, but not for Rhymeberry with a strong vocalist like Miri. So much for my opinion that the discrepancy to Misaki was already hard to handle. But decide for yourself:

With that finished it didn’t take long for the second part of the festival to begin. Here the groups that Marty likes performed, not only the before mention but also with his further favourites Maison Book Girl and Yurumerumo. Both of the latter are not my to my taste, so during their shows I was more or less lazying around, waiting for the performance of Bellring Girls Heart and their event later on.

The live of Bellha was different in that way that it was only 4 members now, with Ayano already being on her short-term hiatus. The absence of Ayano, though being my favourite idol, didn’t lessen the enjoyment for the live, as I am also a big fan of the group as a whole. As expected many other known fans of Ayano were also present, supporting the other members. This fact is one of the many reason why I really appreciate Bellring Girls Heart fandom. I could manage me a place closer to the front (here it took into account that the group is not well liked by other idol fans, thus leaving their fans enough room to move in the open-upped space) and enjoyed a show, that even Marty later admitted was one of the best he has seen by the group, liking its set list. I have to agree: They started with ウアント!, probably Rainy Dance, Mr. Mercy, of course The Edge of Goodbye, and some others. No Asthma though, if I am correct.

Until the events began, a lot of other groups had their performance, also the headliner of the festival – Mtopi. As none of those groups interested me, this waiting time became the hardest part that day. But finally it started and as I was heading for Kanra, a less popular member, I could move up the queue quickly. When my time started Kanra was very cheerful as usual. We soon engaged in a talk about the One Man the day before, where I besides other things mentioned my surprise during the explosion sound before Get rid of the Chopper. Kanra tried to explain something to me, about this being a special song for Bellring Girls Heart, but I couldn’t understand what she meant exactly. Here, as usual as well, she made some little jumps in anger of not being able to make herself understood. Lovely. But then the direction suddenly changed as Kanra, by changing the topic, was thanking me for always looking at her – an idols expression for receiving the support of someone (Watashi ni itsumo mite kureta arigatou.). Now this was dangerous, as it *seemed* that Kanra assumed me regarding her as my favourite member. I was shortly contemplating about correcting her, but stood away from it. I am unsure of how to handle the next conversations with the group members, but I am nevertheless already excited about it. lol


When I left, I met Marty again, in the queue for Yurumerumo. This was impressive, as people were lining up out outside the venue and way down the sidewalk. Marty would still need some time until it was his turn. I was lucky not being him then.

For some fun: Here is a video of Bellring Girls Heart doing a fan live in the park. The kind of events you always miss out as a fan from overseas.


3 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Was this 1st May? According to my notes I was running around like a bastard around different Shibuya venues to check out a lot of groups in my “trying to find a decent group to follow since oshi graduation” thing, and going over to see Mika from GRAZIE. I saw some groups you follow actually. I recall seeing a limping Marty at Lawsons…

    • Right. I forgot to add the date. Must correct it immediately. Cheers!
      Yes, it was May 1st. And Marty was struck by his bad knee. I remember we were writing each other in terms of meeting up (you just arrived that day or the one before?) but as I remember you were at Shinjuku in the evening, which interfered with my plans. Though of course this could all have happened on another day.
      Your approach on finding a new idol to follow sounds very desperate, the way you phrase it, lol. Don’t force it. Good things come to those who wait 😉

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