Shortest trip

Together with Tsutomo I made a trip to South Korea. It was his idea, as he became a fan of Korean Girl Groups, although they offer so much less interaction. This fact is totally unfathomable for me, as I became a Japanese idol fan because of the extensive offering of interaction with the members and the much much more wider array of music genres. But to each his own, I guess. Continue reading

Tokyo Idol Wars


Today I was heading for Shinkiba, where Tokyo Idol Wars would take place. The line-up was far from being spectacular, but Bellring Girls Heart would have two performances there, so all effort was worth it. I took Andy with me, who would have a hard time there, being mostly bored at what was going on. He can not see the fun of it, instead showing the expected reactions by a foreigner skeptical about the whole Idol business. It can’t be helped. Continue reading


Bellring Girls Heart – One Man Live – “Q” – Zepp Tokyo

One year ago on the exact same day I have been to Akasaka Blitz, for a Three Man headed by Bellring Girls Heart. So now, one year later, I would attend another live by the group, their biggest One Man to date, named “Q” and performed at Zepp Tokyo. I must say, that I really could get used to such starts in the new year. Continue reading

Oh happy day…!

On this day an Idol Koushien at Shinjuku Blaze happened, one that was sold out very quickly, but were I was able to not only get tickets for myself but also to provide Marty and Caio with those. Aren’t I great? Every effort paid out though, becoming one of the best experiences in my idol fandom. Not the best, then as I mentioned, Caio was present 😛 Just kidding. Continue reading

Old and New

This day would become in most part a repetition of the day before: Venue-hopping for three different groups, again with a lot of traveling involved – Shibuya, Uguisudani, Shinjuku. Contrary to yesterday though, I wasn’t really in the best form, dealing with a slight headache and some tiredness. This would become an issue in the early day. Continue reading

And so this is Christmas…

That Christmas day turned out like a carbon copy of the day before. Like yesterday I met up with Marty and Julian for a late lunch, though this time at Akihabara, after which I would go my own way, heading for Shinjuku again, for the LOFT – my only chance for seeing Oyasumi Hologram this trip. I contemplated a bit of really going there, as the small festival was running under the name SCUM X`MAS PARTY!, not a really inviting title. But for seeing the group again, and it happened to be a Band Set, I  withdrew my doubts and took my chances. Continue reading