The PASSPO weekend – Part 1

I am back from Japan again!!! Wait, no use for cheering. Now the tough work begins, writing this blog… Anyway, trip became great, mostly because of the idols involved, as I realized that I have become a common face to most them – at least those who I care about – which really makes me happy, happy, happy. Also I got to know new people there, respectively deepened my friendship with some. My prior to this trip created schedule turned out basically as planned, but with some huge changes on some days and missed opportunities because of interfering timeframes – some really tight choices occasionally. Continue reading

New Years and my last day

Finally the New Years Day had arrived which meant – The Final of PASSPO‘s 5th Anniversary Tour at Tokyo Dome City Hall, their biggest venue up to date! They promised a lot for, mainly that they will perform ALL of their songs. How this would be accomplished was still a mystery and there was also the fact, that this flight would be the last with Okunaka Makoto in the line-up. How will they cope? Continue reading

PASSPO FLIGHTS- A recap for AKIBA Cultures

Like we had planned we entered the venue as one of the last persons and immediately realized: This show is packed to the brim! We could only walk a few meters until we took our places: At the back, right side to the stage. Maybe this sounds bad to you, but AKIBA Cultures is a small venue and even if we stood in the last row we could still make out the facial features of the group on stage and even them could recognize us, if they wanted, which I hope they did. I am allowed to dream, right? And what was even more important: We had the space and ability now to exercise our cheering to the fullest, each of us equipped with towel and light stick. I don’t even want to imagine how I would have felt during Baby Jump, bounded to my bench. Continue reading

PASSPO FLIGHTS – A recap for Nagoya

The Setlist for Part 1 was so and so. With the participation of Morishi I expected songs like Wanted or Dear my Friends again but that didn’t happen. Therefore we had Street Fighter, one of their better early numbers. Must have been Aipon’s choice. Later we had Sacotee’s Pretty Lie and La La Love Train – as you know not my favourites. But as she explained later she wanted to acknowledge those passengers who like their earlier, more idolish, output. Well, can’t say anything against that. This is great fan service and sensitivity she shows there. But anyway, old traditions still die slowly. We still see Jagger singing Satisfaction. Continue reading

The Day of the Nagoya Flight

After my experience with the Osaka Flight already you would have thought, I learned from it: Not going to the venue to early, as there won’t be anything to do while the heat is making you buy endless bottles of water for counter attack. But fail: I again arrived much too early (around 10 again) and sweated like an ice block in the Sahara – the weather forecast for this day happened to be 40 degrees! This time no Tully’s Coffee near the area. True, I could have just went the few hundred meters to Osu with all it’s food stands and maid cafés, but Naaah! – Who knows what I would have missed then? It is so enjoyable, standing hours in the burning sun, waiting for the doors finally to open! How could I miss THAT? Continue reading

PASSPO Flights – A recap for Osaka

The two Osaka Flights itself were great and became one of my best concert experiences! Acting together with a crowd of people when doing chants or light stick waving is really incredible. Setlists were mostly fantastic, though I didn’t like Sacotee’s choice of the early stuff, like “La La Love Train”. Not so much a fan of their early phase. And they never played “Tap my Toe”, my favourite song. Damn PASSPO, you tainted my holidays! Kidding. I could calmly live with it as “Baby Jump” was sung every time! Another great song! Continue reading

Osaka Flight or How does this work?

Chronologically it would now be the time for recap of the PASSPO Osaka Flight. But I realize now, that writing weeks AFTER the event doesn’t suit my memory. Well, writing right after the event doesn’t suit me either as I am mostly dead tired then. Quite a dilemma. But I am a little clever and came to the following solution: Part 1 – Instead of giving a recap NOW I will focus today on the venue and the organization of the concert in Osaka. This may help other people’s who want to go to for the first time to a Japanese idol show in the future. Continue reading