Lots of Pyon

This Sunday, as the Saturday before, offered a lot of options regarding idol shows. Just take note of the list below:

Bellring Girls Heart – Three Man with Starmarie and AnnaS
Chu-Z – Mini Live in celebration of Kana’s birthday
Babyraids  – regular live
Matsurhythym – an outdoor festival in Hibiya Park with Lovely
Doll and Tsuzuki Kana amongst the participants
Stella Beats – participants in some festival Continue reading

Japan Expo Paris 2015

In a case of spontaneity me and my sister decided to book ourselves tickets for the Japan Expo in Paris. At first I didn’t want to go, as the big idol group present was Denpagumi Inc., a group I really like, don’t get me wrong, I would see them at TIF anyway and I had no confidence to get signs or chekis with them, as they went there for the second time after 2013 and therefore would be in popular demand. Until there was the addition of Luce Twinkle Wink, one of the Arc Jewel groups. Continue reading

It’s going Up (Up)

What do you think is the better option: Going to a show of an idol group you like alone or accompanying a friend to his favourite idol group, which you don’t care about. I was to find out on Thursday, 26.03.2015, when agreeing to attend a show by Up Up Girls at Shinjuku ReNY with Caio, his most favourite group right now (though he mostly really cares for one member). When first coming in contact with Up Up Girls, they convinced me with their first album, featuring a mixture of electronic and rock songs. Continue reading



What happened in the idol world recently, that strucked my interest?

When it comes to PASSPO it was the fact, that Naomi tweeted about the group having performed all of their released songs on their current Count Up Tour Part 3, in preparation for the New Year’s show. She even mentioned rarities like ‘Final Vision’ which hasn’t been done over the last years. I am looking forward to see those songs performed live after such a long time. Continue reading

GIN – General Idol News


After being scolded for not writing about recent idol events that matter to me, I decided to give it a try and talk about anything that comes to mind in that regard; fully aware that my knowledge will be very limited, as I have hardly good resources. At least no English ones. I thought about the following structure: First part with thoughts about my three favourite groups: PASSPO, Bellring Shoujo Heart and Party Rockets. This followed by other idol news. Later general information, hopefully idol related as well, like preparations for my next Japan trip and the like. And so it begins… Continue reading