Shortest trip

Together with Tsutomo I made a trip to South Korea. It was his idea, as he became a fan of Korean Girl Groups, although they offer so much less interaction. This fact is totally unfathomable for me, as I became a Japanese idol fan because of the extensive offering of interaction with the members and the much much more wider array of music genres. But to each his own, I guess. Continue reading

Oh happy day…!

On this day an Idol Koushien at Shinjuku Blaze happened, one that was sold out very quickly, but were I was able to not only get tickets for myself but also to provide Marty and Caio with those. Aren’t I great? Every effort paid out though, becoming one of the best experiences in my idol fandom. Not the best, then as I mentioned, Caio was present 😛 Just kidding. Continue reading

I love Idol Koushien!

It began very early that day, as me and Shaun agreed on meeting for visiting the Natural History Museum, as this would probably be the only time we could meet this trip. So me and my sister arrived on time at Ueno Park and were already expected. We easily decided on the dinosaurs exhibition which just had re-opened after restoration works. It was totally worth the money. Enough time could be used to chat about idols, then as you certainly realise, skeletons of extinct creatures apparently bring idols to mind. Continue reading

Idol Koushien – Part 3 ‘Bellring – The first encounter’

It was obvious from the start that Bellring Shoujo Heart are different from regular idols. The latter would just have stood there at their event stand, carefully freshened up and politely but distant awaiting the event to start. The Bellring girls although were all running wildly around the place – drinking, playing, chatting and still sweating from their show. Ayano was even in the middle of applying new make-up. Continue reading

Idol Koushien – Part 2 ‘It only gets better’

After exhausting hours listening to various unknown groups it finally became the time for the Dorothy Little Happy Event. So I went to their stand. The sign with their name was already there. Who was missing – was the group itself. Figured. As Party Rockets would soon get on stage I just waited for a few minutes (in vain) and got back into the venue to fight myself a good place in front of the stage. I wasn’t that sad about it then honestly: I know and like the songs of Dorothy, have their two albums, but I didn’t know anyone of the members by name or anything else about them. So I probably did right to miss them as I would have just embarrassed myself – or I should have used the trump card of only speaking English, so they wouldn’t understand me and bother me with question a proper fan would easily have known. Well, I can do this with some other idol maybe… Continue reading

Idol Koushien – Part 1 ‘The Show’

The Idol Koushien – an Indoor Idol Festival, which is taking place every few weeks, all around Japan. It is not an event which will be attended by big names of the business, but instead sees itself as a showcase for many new or still relatively unknown groups, with the addition of some better known ones to attract fans. Each group gets 20 minutes to perform and – the best – nearly all of them do some kind of after-show-event later on. If you are new to idols you should absolutely try this one out: Although it is very exhausting (this one lasted from 12:30 to 22:30, non-stop) you will see a very diverse units – some better, some worse – but it will be enjoyable, I promise, when seeing each the idol giving their best and it also gives you a chance on observing the Japanese fan culture. Continue reading