Sunshine Idols


This day I kept free for meeting up with Caio, already early in the day. I skipped the Hachake Tai Bounenkai for it, but oh well – I prefer going for lives. Every other idol event where the focus is not on the performance but rather on communication, I feel out of place. In my opinion this is something to be enjoyed by the Japanese fans. Continue reading

Trying out Maid Café’s – Fail

The PASSPO weekend behind and the Monday before me, certain events were planned for today:
1. Sakura sight-seeing in Ueno Park
2. Frequenting some Maid Café’s with Caio,
3. Meeting up with Allan.

After agreeing before the trip on the Afilia Café located in Roppongi, Caio changed plans and we tried out the Afilia Sherry’s, a bar-type version of the franchise, situated near Ueno station. As we met early noon in Akihabara this promised to be the best option as this would allow us to reach everything by foot. Continue reading

Maidreamin’ of some Lovely Doll

After two exhausting days in a row, the Monday with a flight and two idol shows and the Tuesday with a one-day-festival, this Wednesday was a finally more relaxing. I just our time to show my sister some Tokyo sights. The first happens to be Odaiba. It was close to our hotel and she has never been there before. It even gave me the opportunity to show her the TIF area. Everything there looked the same as always, without any reminders from the big festival or the Mezamashi Live. Not even my glasses were to be found. (Yes, I looked for it.) While walking the area I was thinking how great the current weather was: So much more bearable than in summer. Continue reading

POP ID – entrapped in an Idol Café

The following day I spent in Osaka, where I was visiting an idol café there named POP ID. The concept: The maids there want to become idols themselves in the future. For this they seem to have shows every night on a stage on the 2nd floor, with alternating line up. It was my first visit of an maid café and I must say I quite enjoyed it. Watching those maids in their cute outfit actually has its appeal. Too bad, they are much too young. Why don’t they have those with maids over 25? Anyway, the curry there was great and I mostly interacted with the maids Yukinko and Reika, both very cute and cheerful. Continue reading