Before the Golden Week


I arrived on time at Narita Airport, means 9:00 o’clock. my friend Andy accompanied me, so my schedule couldn’t be used completely for Idol matters this time, as Andy was the first time in Japan and was not so fond of Idols. The train ride to the hotel and the Check-In went smoothly and after I have slept for approximately an hour I was already fit for my first Idol Event this trip: A Two Man with Maison Book Girl and Bellring Girls Heart at Shinjuku Motion. Continue reading

Tickets Variety

The unimaginable happened: A day without any idol event! Really, there was nothing going on which suited my interests. That change in pace though was quite welcomed, as I still suffered some sleep deprivation and a lot of future days were also without events yet, so I needed to make plans and look for new announcements – which actually appeared in numbers and for groups I didn’t dare to dream of (f.e. Bellring Girls Heart, JyuJyu).  Continue reading

General idol thoughts, new shirts and hair cuts!!

Before I dip into reviewing my latest idol shows I give an overview about general things I experienced that trip. I have been to Japan 3 times the last year, over the course of 6 months (July – Septembre – Decembre). Some would say, I should be bored already, but on the contrary: Coming back to Tokyo and finding most places familiar, often not in the need anymore for looking up directions (ATMs for example), gives me a pleasant feeling. This is accompanied by slowly taking in the behaviours and differences of the Japanese culture, which enables me to move around more relaxed than on my first trip. This includes idol events as well. Continue reading

My winter trip – an introduction

About time I review my last trip to Japan, and some of Korea, isn’t it? Well, I left Germany on the 20th Decembre, arriving in Seoul one day later, traveling to Japan on the 26th, to stay there until 11th January, and going back home from Seoul on the 12th. Maybe you could assume by this numeration that it became quite an exhausting trip. Not only was I struggling with a cold the whole time – it seems to become a constant companion now when in Asia – also my concert schedule was very tight, with a lot of festivals and One-Mans. But the latter is something positive! Continue reading

GIN + Next show schedules


The purpose of this post is mainly for giving an overview on my planning for my next trip to Japan. But I start with some Idol news first.

A sad one to begin: Nono of Next Shoujo Jiken will graduate after their One-Man-Live on the 6th Decembre. Damn, another graduation. And I never had the chance to see her perform. It will be interesting how the group changes now. It seems, they won’t disband, as there are already further shows announced, which Mai won’t do alone for sure. Probably they will introduce one or more members at their next show. I heard that Okunaka Makoto will soon be free. Hmm… Continue reading

Idol Fan Shirts

I bought new fan shirts and therefore will do another evaluation of it. In general I am more or less as disappointed as last time but let’s do it one by one.

1. Party Rockets – fanshirt

Party Rockets new shirt is one of the better examples: Nice and eye-catching design, despite the heavy use of pink. Here it doesn’t come out to sissy-like, as the big white stylized letters of the group name give a welcome contrast. Not sure why they used the heraldic french lily, but I guess Japanese don’t care as much for history or how it fits the occasion, just if it works for their purposes (like the “pentagram”). Here admittedly it fits perfectly as the centerpoint for the wings. Nice work. Continue reading

The next Japan adventure – or not…

As you already know, I was planning to fly from Seoul to Tokyo for spending some time there: Going to idol events, meeting Caio, going to idol events, show my sister the town, and yea, going to idol events. So what could be the worst happening: Nuclear break out in Japan? North Korea suddenly attacking South Korea? Hm, well yes. Sure. But I mean in my case. Think again.

… …
… … …
I help you out here: It would be missing the flight, not because of my mistake but because of terrible mismanagement of a organization responsible for the planning of the ASIAN GAMES. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Continue reading