Korean adventures – and idols (of course)

As my trip started in Korea and I had the chance to see my favourite K-Pop group there, I start my trip review in Korea as well. First the basics: Flight was on the 20th of Decembre, like always, with FinnAir and, also as always, I was glad when we finally landed at Seoul, Incheon Airport. There my sister, together with a friend, collected us and we were able to get ourselves some crazy tasty Ice Cream there. Mine was also shaped like a rose, to the dismay of my sister, who just got a regular cone. *heh heh* Also we received some lollies for free. Read carefully, not lolis but lollies! Not that I wouldn’t had appreciated the other ones as well – supposedly. Continue reading

My winter trip – an introduction

About time I review my last trip to Japan, and some of Korea, isn’t it? Well, I left Germany on the 20th Decembre, arriving in Seoul one day later, traveling to Japan on the 26th, to stay there until 11th January, and going back home from Seoul on the 12th. Maybe you could assume by this numeration that it became quite an exhausting trip. Not only was I struggling with a cold the whole time – it seems to become a constant companion now when in Asia – also my concert schedule was very tight, with a lot of festivals and One-Mans. But the latter is something positive! Continue reading

JYP, Myeondong, Busan

The next day we were meeting up with my studying sister, so that we could eat together. We decided for the obvious: Samgyeopsal. Always a pleasure, with all its pork! The rest this day was sightseeing in the inner city, giving my sister her luggage with winter clothes (finally getting rid of this as it was a hell uncomfortable running around with two big suitcases the day we arrived) and accompanying both my sisters this time to JYP. I had to this at least once. We arrived at the station Apgujeong and made our trip alongside all the noble boutiques to Baskin’ Donuts right opposite to the JYP building. But it was already full of female teenagers, even having a bunch of girls sitting outside on the pavement. Continue reading

New Trip – My plans so far…

My next trip to Japan is already around the corner: I will take off with my youngest sister to South Korea on Monday, the 15.09.2014, to visit my other sister there, who is a student in Seoul. One week later me and my younger sister will fly to Tokyo again, staying there for the duration of a week until I go back to Seoul for another 7 days. A lot of idol events are possible, some of them already planned. Here is my rough schedule: Continue reading