Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

TIF – it has been a long time since my first attendance of this special idol festival. One year ago it was the final of my first ever idol trip to Japan and this time it would be the presumably grand final again. Although it had many issues back then – despite the heat the room for improvement in organisation – it still oozes a unique flair and attraction: I don’t even mean necessarily the amount of idol groups attending it, but its being two days, the location in the centre of Odaiba, its huge areal with Indoor and Outdoor stages, the marketing area – in its entirety an idol festival that has no comparable competitor. Continue reading

It’s going Up (Up)

What do you think is the better option: Going to a show of an idol group you like alone or accompanying a friend to his favourite idol group, which you don’t care about. I was to find out on Thursday, 26.03.2015, when agreeing to attend a show by Up Up Girls at Shinjuku ReNY with Caio, his most favourite group right now (though he mostly really cares for one member). When first coming in contact with Up Up Girls, they convinced me with their first album, featuring a mixture of electronic and rock songs. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 5 (end)

When the time for PASSPO at Smile Garden arrived I was pushed to the centre near the stage by a mass of people. And this pushing wouldn’t stop. There were even people throwing light sticks. It was very unpleasant and bodies so close together in the summer heat was drenching me completely in sweat. But the worst was yet to happen – in the struggle to stay upright and not getting pushed to the ground, someone came in contact with my face which lead to my glasses being thrown away, consequently getting lost in the chaos. Some fans around me noticed what happened and made room for me, but all my searching was in vain. I soon gave up. The positive effect of it was that I now had room to leave the centre for a more quieter space, watching the show coming to end, without being able to clearly see the girls perform. It was my last live on this trip, it began with PASSPO and ended with them, though sadly on a bad note. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 4

‘Luckily’ for us Sakura Gakuin seemed to have the longest set of all, playing for nearly 40 minutes. But all things must pass so it was finally time for concentrating of the task at hand: Fighting for entrance! It was slow but the advantage of having fans around us whose favourite group already performed just now, we were able to get in and finding us a nice place in the ~9th row, on the right side – good for me at least as it is Yucky’s side! Tsutomo prefers Nachu who stands on the left – but who cares *heh heh* I could even saw Norman and infzer0 some way before us but they didn’t turn their head and I forgot that I had a mobile on hand *sweatdrop*. We didn’t need to wait long for PASSPO to appear and we had a hell of fun! Their track list wasn’t perfect and also had a mistake by the sound crew, who played Candy Room although the girls were preparing for Love Diary, which I love and would therefore have prefered. But their inclusion of Wanted! absolutely made up for it (not in the video though). Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 3

At Day 2 my outfit was the following: My member shirt of Yucky (with her face on it) and my PASSPO Towel put around my head as sun blocker. The last decision was not thought through the end, as I now I didn’t have anything for towel song, you know, the ones were you wave your towel around in the air. Well, well, well… Other (mostly negative) experiences would follow. But we come to that in time. The first show on my schedule was Party Rockets, playing 10:50 on Festival Stage. Very close to the Market Square so I used the chance to look for PASSPO and Ayumikurikamaki goods who weren’t there yesterday as both groups didn’t appear on Day 1. This time I made sure not to stay too long to not miss Party Rockets again. For Ayukuma I bought a shirt and PASSPO one as well, plus Annya banner for my first sister and their Take Off Album. The last one only to get a third akushukai ticket as I had to talk to Annya about her ‘hana takai’ commentary and Yucky, of course. The third I would decide spontaneously. I also took a quick look around the other stalls, but there was nothing else catching my interest. Party Rockets sadly were still sold out on T-Shirts or towels. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 2

Now, way after 12, Norman separated with me as he had a show on his time table, he wanted to attend. I looked at my handy and saw a message by Tsutomo, asking where I am. We scheduled in the morning to meet with QwiksXnd around 12 near Smile Garden, as no one of us had plans around that time. As I expected QwiksXnd to be with Tsutomo, we arranged to meet at Greeting Square. Norman was splitting with me as he had a show on his time table, he wanted to attend. Now it became clear how fatal it can be when 1 person out of 3 doesn’t have online access: This person happened to be QwiksXnd and – he wasn’t with Tsutomo. Well, now I had to listen to a lecture, as Tsutomo expected QwiksXnd to be with me and not notifying him before. Mea culpa! Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 1

Tokyo Idol Festival – a two-day mostly outdoor Idol Festival, the biggest of its kind in Japan, already in its fifth consecutive year. It has several stages, some of them even free and is held in Odaiba, Tokyo – mostly around the end of July on a weekend, despite the disadvantage of the very hot and humid weather. The reason they won’t make it at a climatic more pleasant time is simple: School kids having their summer break and wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend it as in general, school and parents (not only in Japan ) seem to be very strict, pretending to only have their best in mind and pushing the kids to learn instead of having fun. But how can you build up a happy future when you are unable to enjoy the present? This serious thoughts aside (Sorry!) I heard a lot about the weather before from TIF veterans, as well as the many organization problems, the TIF management every year fails to resolve. I shall post my share of it here as well. Continue reading

Smaller Events Part 1 – Odaiba

On Wednesday I got to bed early: Next day I wanted to visit Odaiba, to get a first impression of the area the Tokyo Idol Festival will be held. After that would be searching for the venue for a so called UTA Musume concert – a show where many underground idol groups perform. In the evening I agreed to meet with Norman again, this time at PARMS. This would be our first visit there and also my first encounter with the Alice Project, which I only knew from Youtube. Continue reading