My next trip is scheduled for April/May 2017. It mostly depends on Tsutomo to decide on the date for the excursion to Korea. I partly hope, that he can’t stay too long over there, as this would reduce my opportunities to be in Japan. Yea, I am selfish here 😉

Otherwise I mostly hope for lots of solo appearances by Yanagisawa Ayano, mixed with lives by the new groups of the former Bellha members – with the exception of Mizuho, as I don’t like her new group. As this trip will be with at least one of my sisters, it would be great to see Party Rockets GT and PASSPO. Maybe PiiiiiiiN and Chu-Z, depending of which sister accompanies me.

For later trips I am not sure yet. Shaun announced already going for TIF. Party Rockets GT would have a One Man on 25.06.2017, which would be a great event, but also a bit too close to my previous trip. September though appeals the most currently, not only because of the more pleasant climate then, but because of a PASSPO One Man or the @JAM Festival. But as the latter will be again taking place at Yokohama Arena, I am not too motivated.

It will probably end up again with future announcements of actual tour dates. Or maybe I can agree with friends like Shaun, Chuan or Marty on a common schedule to go there.

6 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. Hello Tobi,

    I’m also organizing my schedule in Japan from 7/29 to 8/8.
    My schedule is mainly focused on 48 groups events but still want to watch others the other days.

    I think we may meet on the day of Idol Koushien, 7/30. lol
    BTW, do you know how long this show will be?
    That’s because, on the same day, there should be another show in Akiba Cluture performed by Yumemiru and I would like to try it also if it’s possible.

    • Hey, nice to hear from you again!
      No idea, how long the Koushien will last, but they should announce it soon. I keep you informed, as it interests me too, wanting to see PiiiiiiiN in Shibuya the same evening.
      From my experience these shows last until 20, later are buppan’s.
      Which group you want to see at the Koushien?

      • Until 20? You mean 20:00? You know the show will start 1:00 PM? wow
        It seems like I may quit during the show if I want to watch Yumemiru in Akiba.
        For Idol Koushien, I would like to watch mainly Passpo and 3mins?
        3mins is being supported by Sako recently that’s why.

      • Passpo is not there. Hachake Tai is 😉
        I see you need to uphold the Sako connection.

        But yea. So far they announced 15 groups. More are still possible. Every group a set of 20 minutes. Makes 5 hours already. But usually it goes longer. But we can be lucky, that lives and events are scheduled early. I see no real headliner in the line up so far. Everything is possible therefore.

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