Sunshine Idols


This day I kept free for meeting up with Caio, already early in the day. I skipped the Hachake Tai Bounenkai for it, but oh well – I prefer going for lives. Every other idol event where the focus is not on the performance but rather on communication, I feel out of place. In my opinion this is something to be enjoyed by the Japanese fans. Continue reading

Idol Generation Festival

This day was completely reserved for the Idol Generation Vol. 19 Show in Club SEATA, to be started at 13:00. It had a promising line-up: Not only Afilia Saga and Lovely Doll, but even Chu-Z, my first time I would see them live, and READY TO KISS, ‘old acquaintances’ from TIF. I didn’t have tickets yet so getting there early would be my priority which me and my sister did. Fist thing after arriving at the Kichijoji Station: I went the wrong way! I assumed the venue in the close shopping boulevard, but it was actually on the parallel street, right after the Yodobashi. Took some running around for me to realize, but I found it eventually. This meant I came there later than expected, shortly after noon. Still enough time to buy the tickets and grab something to eat, which I hadn’t since the last evening. And that was only McDonald’s, were we all know how filling and lasting that food is. You can imagine how hungry I was already. Continue reading