Three days

On the days of the 28th, 31st and 1st I didn’t do much that is worth to post about, respectively there are close to no pictures. I will therefore summarise these days in one blog post to still give it an adequate length. I apologize beforehand for the lack of pictures. On the other hand, this should tell you, that the still to write blog posts about the 29th, 30th, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will contain much more information and will be done in individual posts. Anticipate it – or not 😉 Continue reading

Alice Countdown and No.1

On the last day of the year 2014 I began slowly: I slept in late, spent some time in Shibuya and than made my way to Haneda Airport, to collect my sister, a bit down as Lovely Doll performed at the same time at Akiba Cultures. Then the trip back to the hotel, to store my sister‘s luggage. All worked perfectly. Now our intention was to eat some Yakiniku at Ueno, together with Shaun and Allan, the latter having made the suggestion some hours ago via LINE. We arrived on time, I bought me my Funashi at Ueno station, some minutes later Shaun arrived without getting lost like at Shinjuku Station, but who was missing was – Allan, the instigator! I checked my messages and he had to cancel – he attended the Lovely Doll show and the buppan there was still going on. Continue reading

Idol Koushien at Akasaka BLITZ

Saturday – the day for the first real highlight of my Japan trip this time: Idol Koushien at Akasaka BLITZ, promised to be even better than my last, as it featured a mass of groups, known and unknown, I wanted to see and meet:

Of course the best there is:
Bellring Shoujo Heart (I basically jumped for joy after they announced their participation)
Party Rockets (Best time for events with them, as they are not that crowded than during their Showrooms) Continue reading

Alice Juuban

The header should give away my decision of how I would spend my evening that night after the show of Party Rockets. As I am not really a fan of Predia, as their music in general doesn’t fit my tastes and Alice Juuban on the other hand does, the decision was not that hard and I wouldn’t regret it later on, so much I can say. My sister was alright with that, not knowing Predia but at least had heard some of Alice Project‘s output. And for her, the daily shows at PARMS would be another completely new experience. I for myself was hoping to enjoy it more, now knowing how it works. And I had the light hope of meeting Amu finally. As we had some time on our hands, we bought us something to drink and eat at the local conbini and I showed my sister the members of Pa-Ken and OZ we passed on the street, easy to recognize as they already wore their stage outfits. Continue reading

New Trip – My plans so far…

My next trip to Japan is already around the corner: I will take off with my youngest sister to South Korea on Monday, the 15.09.2014, to visit my other sister there, who is a student in Seoul. One week later me and my younger sister will fly to Tokyo again, staying there for the duration of a week until I go back to Seoul for another 7 days. A lot of idol events are possible, some of them already planned. Here is my rough schedule: Continue reading

Smaller Events Part 3 – PARMS, Akihabara

After the UTA Musume show, of which I talked about in my last post, I had to hurry as I promised Norman to meet up at PARMS, Akihabara for the Alice Project evening show. As it was already past 19:30 and the show was starting at 20:15. The train ride from Akasaka to Akihabara would already last 20 minutes. Really too bad, that both occasions had to be on the same day. Nevertheless I rushed to the streets of Akasaka, entered the subway, arrived in Akihabara at around 19:55 and – used the wrong exit! And I didn’t know where I was as every building in my view was unknown to me. It took me over 10 minutes to finally find the right direction, bought myself the ticket and – the show was delayed. Good, as this meant I wouldn’t miss any of the show, but bad as it is never a good idea for your body odor to run hectically through the streets during warm weather, even if it was dark already. This aside I met Norman and some of his friends (one later revealed himself as infzer0) and we all entered the venue. Continue reading