Bellha Final Days – Part 2


Considering that before my trip only four shows had been announced, but while I arrived nearly everyday shows or events were added, I could count myself lucky – and with me all the other fans of Bellring Girls Heart. Today was another of this sudden shows, an In-Store-Live for promotion of their new single Spine EP at Tower Records Shinjuku, so I weren’t able to go for the Predia One Man. I had never took part in such an event with Bellha, therefore it would become a new experience: Group Chekis I did already with them, but this time it would also be Group Handshakes. Luckily only three members were around, so it wouldn’t become too difficult to think of topics to talk about. Continue reading

Bellha’s Final Days – Part 1

22.12.2016 – 03.01.2017

The purpose of this entire winter trip was becoming a witness to the final days of Bellring Girls Heart, the group that slowly over time became my favourite idol group, and to show my support for my favourite member and idol – Yanagisawa Ayano. I am very happy to tell you upfront, that it all went as planned, if not even better. I was in Tokyo for 13 days, Bellha performed on 9 days for 11 shows. I was able to attend 9 of them, including the most important one – their final show on New Years Eve! Continue reading

Finish line


On this day Party Rockets GT held a two part festival at Shibuya ASIA of which they were the host of, under the name “Rockin’ Together”. The first part was started by an Opening Act, a group called 高橋優里花 with ミラクルキャンディーベリー (Miracle Candy Berry), consisting of very young members and its leader having the last show with them, to continue in another group soon. Continue reading

Busy Days


That day, which was Halloween, didn’t had much options regarding idol shows, so in the evening I decided to go for a festival that had JyuJyu in its schedule – even very early, which suits me best. I am not fond of Halloween though and regret it came over from America. It is nearly as bad as Christmas in its materialistic way. Idols dressing up in costumes doesn’t help either. Continue reading

Starting nicely!

This trip became my most relaxed this far. In contrast to my prior trips I focused just on a small range of groups, without even caring much about missing out on others. Even skipping possible shows on some days for the alternative of doing nothing but stay at my hotel for sleeping and Internet didn’t bother me. It was very pleasant and I liked this less busy way of life a lot. To be more precise, I saw several shows by PASSPO, Bellring Girls Heart and Party Rockets GT, which I each enjoyed the most. Continue reading



A little more than one year ago PASSPO did their biggest One Man Live to date at Tokyo Dome City Hall. This time Bellring Girls Heart would do the same. Here the similarities ended though: PASSPO held their sold out live on New Years Day, without an event accompanying it, whereas Bellring Girls Heart was maybe attended by a third amount of fans, but happening in the spring with much nicer weather and an event – all-member cheki – directly afterwards. The live itself would also become different. Continue reading

Tokyo Idol Wars


Today I was heading for Shinkiba, where Tokyo Idol Wars would take place. The line-up was far from being spectacular, but Bellring Girls Heart would have two performances there, so all effort was worth it. I took Andy with me, who would have a hard time there, being mostly bored at what was going on. He can not see the fun of it, instead showing the expected reactions by a foreigner skeptical about the whole Idol business. It can’t be helped. Continue reading

Before the Golden Week


I arrived on time at Narita Airport, means 9:00 o’clock. my friend Andy accompanied me, so my schedule couldn’t be used completely for Idol matters this time, as Andy was the first time in Japan and was not so fond of Idols. The train ride to the hotel and the Check-In went smoothly and after I have slept for approximately an hour I was already fit for my first Idol Event this trip: A Two Man with Maison Book Girl and Bellring Girls Heart at Shinjuku Motion. Continue reading