Busy Days


That day, which was Halloween, didn’t had much options regarding idol shows, so in the evening I decided to go for a festival that had JyuJyu in its schedule – even very early, which suits me best. I am not fond of Halloween though and regret it came over from America. It is nearly as bad as Christmas in its materialistic way. Idols dressing up in costumes doesn’t help either. Continue reading

Three days

On the days of the 28th, 31st and 1st I didn’t do much that is worth to post about, respectively there are close to no pictures. I will therefore summarise these days in one blog post to still give it an adequate length. I apologize beforehand for the lack of pictures. On the other hand, this should tell you, that the still to write blog posts about the 29th, 30th, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will contain much more information and will be done in individual posts. Anticipate it – or not 😉 Continue reading

Cheki M.I.A.

This day would become another one of those “running around from one venue to another all over Tokyo” days once again. It also made me realise that in Japan the second Christmas Day (Boxing Day?) isn’t considered part of Christmas. Idols didn’t appear in Christmas dresses and no-one was wishing ‘Merry Christmas’. I also haven’t met with friends today, as each of us had our own idol schedule. So I started alone, making my way to Akihabara for Twinbox Garage already before 12 o’clock. Continue reading


Initially I wanted to spend that day in Nagoya, which would have had a festival including Chu-Z, Predia and GALETTe aka the-new-group-of-Akari-of-Party-Rockets-fame. I tried booking a ticket at Lawson’s the day before, but it told me that the reservation period was already over since the 18th. The risk of going to Nagoya anyway without a ticket was to high for me, as you never know how well such event is received. So Day Tickets may or may not have been a problem. Continue reading

Short day, longer night

This day voluntarily began late: We slept until 14:00 o’clock, or if you come from a less civilised country, until 2pm (NOT the korean Idol Group). The reason was my plan to attend an Night Idol Live Festival which I agreed with Peter to attend shortly before the trip. But I get into detail later. Let me first give you an account of how the time before the above mentioned live took place. Continue reading


As I mentioned in the post before, Chu-Z announced at short notice their participation in a festival held in the TWINBOX Ahikhabara. WIth the exception of the Chu-Z affiliated groups Baby Star and WenDee, there wasn’t any other group I knew. But as my sister requested us to go there, so she can see Maia again, I gave in, having to forsake the chance to see Lovely Doll perform at Akiba Cultures (Yuririn *sniff*). Family… But seeing Chu-z again that unexpectedly wasn’t that bad an option either. Continue reading

Lots of Pyon

This Sunday, as the Saturday before, offered a lot of options regarding idol shows. Just take note of the list below:

Bellring Girls Heart – Three Man with Starmarie and AnnaS
Chu-Z – Mini Live in celebration of Kana’s birthday
Babyraids  – regular live
Matsurhythym – an outdoor festival in Hibiya Park with Lovely
Doll and Tsuzuki Kana amongst the participants
Stella Beats – participants in some festival Continue reading

Chu, Chu, Chu me…now!

This post will be about my first festival I came to attend this trip. Not an Idol Koushien this time, although I had the chance for it yesterday. But the only group that had my interest there would have been Grazie3 and as I haven’t seen them live before, there was nothing I would have missed when not going. Going to Chiyoda Park with acquaintances was much more worth it. That day my options were quite diverse: PPP!PiXiON had their regular live (I missed out PiiiiiiiN’s at the same venue yesterday for the sake of Bellring Girls Heart) and Lovely Doll performed a One Man, wich was also Yuki’s graduation show. Continue reading