Hyper Japan 2015 in London

As Japan Expo in Paris was just the weekend before, I take up on the opportunity to compare this two festivals, who provide the same agenda: Promoting Japanese Pop Culture, including Anime, Manga, Games, Food and Music amongst others. Idols were present at both and of course I will focus this blog post on them. I will leave the obvious advantage of London out of the equation, the english language! Continue reading

Japan Expo Paris 2015

In a case of spontaneity me and my sister decided to book ourselves tickets for the Japan Expo in Paris. At first I didn’t want to go, as the big idol group present was Denpagumi Inc., a group I really like, don’t get me wrong, I would see them at TIF anyway and I had no confidence to get signs or chekis with them, as they went there for the second time after 2013 and therefore would be in popular demand. Until there was the addition of Luce Twinkle Wink, one of the Arc Jewel groups. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 4

‘Luckily’ for us Sakura Gakuin seemed to have the longest set of all, playing for nearly 40 minutes. But all things must pass so it was finally time for concentrating of the task at hand: Fighting for entrance! It was slow but the advantage of having fans around us whose favourite group already performed just now, we were able to get in and finding us a nice place in the ~9th row, on the right side – good for me at least as it is Yucky’s side! Tsutomo prefers Nachu who stands on the left – but who cares *heh heh* I could even saw Norman and infzer0 some way before us but they didn’t turn their head and I forgot that I had a mobile on hand *sweatdrop*. We didn’t need to wait long for PASSPO to appear and we had a hell of fun! Their track list wasn’t perfect and also had a mistake by the sound crew, who played Candy Room although the girls were preparing for Love Diary, which I love and would therefore have prefered. But their inclusion of Wanted! absolutely made up for it (not in the video though). Continue reading