Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

TIF – it has been a long time since my first attendance of this special idol festival. One year ago it was the final of my first ever idol trip to Japan and this time it would be the presumably grand final again. Although it had many issues back then – despite the heat the room for improvement in organisation – it still oozes a unique flair and attraction: I don’t even mean necessarily the amount of idol groups attending it, but its being two days, the location in the centre of Odaiba, its huge areal with Indoor and Outdoor stages, the marketing area – in its entirety an idol festival that has no comparable competitor. Continue reading

New Years and my last day

Finally the New Years Day had arrived which meant – The Final of PASSPO‘s 5th Anniversary Tour at Tokyo Dome City Hall, their biggest venue up to date! They promised a lot for, mainly that they will perform ALL of their songs. How this would be accomplished was still a mystery and there was also the fact, that this flight would be the last with Okunaka Makoto in the line-up. How will they cope? Continue reading

Five Dolls & Five Stars, but NO shirts

It happened to be the 30th Decembre, meaning Doll Elements One Man and FiveStars Festival. The first I was attending with Shaun, the latter with Shaun and Caio. At least this was the plan. But we will come to that. Getting ourselves tickets for Doll Elements was difficult as it was a lottery system between fans who also subscribed to their fan letter. Shaun is a member but the registration for ticket distribution wasn’t possible from outside Japan. So he had to use the help of and we got lucky and got two tickets, to Shaun‘s rejoice! Continue reading