Idol Generation Festival

This day was completely reserved for the Idol Generation Vol. 19 Show in Club SEATA, to be started at 13:00. It had a promising line-up: Not only Afilia Saga and Lovely Doll, but even Chu-Z, my first time I would see them live, and READY TO KISS, ‘old acquaintances’ from TIF. I didn’t have tickets yet so getting there early would be my priority which me and my sister did. Fist thing after arriving at the Kichijoji Station: I went the wrong way! I assumed the venue in the close shopping boulevard, but it was actually on the parallel street, right after the Yodobashi. Took some running around for me to realize, but I found it eventually. This meant I came there later than expected, shortly after noon. Still enough time to buy the tickets and grab something to eat, which I hadn’t since the last evening. And that was only McDonald’s, were we all know how filling and lasting that food is. You can imagine how hungry I was already. Continue reading