Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

TIF – it has been a long time since my first attendance of this special idol festival. One year ago it was the final of my first ever idol trip to Japan and this time it would be the presumably grand final again. Although it had many issues back then – despite the heat the room for improvement in organisation – it still oozes a unique flair and attraction: I don’t even mean necessarily the amount of idol groups attending it, but its being two days, the location in the centre of Odaiba, its huge areal with Indoor and Outdoor stages, the marketing area – in its entirety an idol festival that has no comparable competitor. Continue reading

A Fruity morning increases the Enthusiasm Level

My last day of this trip had already arrived but I was not even close to feeling homesick. Perfect condition, as today I would have a One Man by JyuJyu, their first, and a Two Man by PPP!PiXiON and PiiiiiiiN on my agenda. The first would start at 12.30, so I decided to leave for it around 10 in the morning. This coincided with the check-out time of the hostel leading to not only meeting Rina from Fruity in the elevator (I refrained from getting in there with her) and running into the whole group down in the lobby. I kept up a cool demeanour, slightly nodded at them in case they remembered me and left the room key at the reception to exit the hostel right away. Allan told me later about Misa and Rina recognizing me immediately. Here it wasn’t the best thing to be an easy to distinguish person (=foreigner). Continue reading

Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 1

It was Saturday, the 28th of March, and a clash of schedule happened today. My intention was to go for a Party Rockets Two Man in the early afternoon and later try to attend a small festival, which featured Chu-Z besides others. But for the same day another festival appeared on my radar: Kami Live Vol. 9, that not only featured Allan’s favourite group Fruity, of which he wanted to convince me while we were eating at an Izekaya, but also – brace yourself – had in its line-up: Continue reading