Idols first! – The Koushiens recap

This post is reserved for the several Idol Koushien I attended on 29.12. (Shinjuku ReNY), 02.01. (Akasaka Blitz)and 04.01. (Shinjuku ReNY). Some more were on my list, but I skipped them for certain reasons – 28.12. to rest before the Predia concert and the one on the 03.01. to go to an One-Man by Chu-Z. I will tell the circumstances surrounding the latter in a later post. The Koushien‘s I’ve been to had

1. some regular idol groups present (PassCode, Anna-S, Idol College),
2. some groups I wanted to see for the first time (AliceInAlice, Tsuki to Taiyo, Tsubasa Fly),
3. a few I always enjoy again and again (JyuJyu, Pla2me, Hiroshima MapleS, Houkago Princess, PPP!PiXiON, Takenoko) and
4. of course three groups that belong to my absolute faves: Party Rockets, Bellring Shoujo Heart and PiiiiiiiN! Continue reading