Today would become a day with several different experiences. As life plays out, a friend of a friend was in Japan, studying the language there: Jorge from Mexico. I have met him around two years ago in Germany, when I went to the party for the apartment inauguration(?) of the mentioned friend. By chance I was asked if we wanted to meet in Tokyo, he got my LINE contacts and finding a date was a piece of cake then. Continue reading

Reunitings and Embarrassment

That day became the first time of were I did something like venue hopping: Changing places several times to see performances of different group, just staying at one venue as long as the live and event of the group I wanted to see lasted, to then go for the next live somewhere else in town. I also did a lot of those the following and I can say: I hate it. Don’t know how other manage that, but going back and forth long ways (I went Ueno – Shibuya – Akihabara – Shibuya – Ueno) didn’t let me enjoy the lives that much, as I subconsciously felt always under time pressure. Continue reading


The saturday arrived and it was the day I most anticipated this trip: The Platinum Sonic and the subsequent PASSPO One Man Flight right afterwards at the same venue, Ebisu The Garden Hall. The Platinum Sonic would be my first encounter with the groups Pinky Poker, Petit Passpo and Yururirapo. From the rest I was of course waiting for Predia and PASSPO, and to a certain degree San Mini (former San Minutes). The rest – FYT and Palet – are not to my liking. Continue reading

Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 2

After the Stella Beats event I had to run back to the stage area, as now Lovely Doll had its performance. Surprisingly only four members appeared. I would have understood if Maya was missing because of her graduation announcement few days prior but she was there. Yuki was not around too. Who cares though, as Yuriko was still with the group that day. The show was enjoyable and it really helps when you already heard the songs performed live. Continue reading

Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 1

It was Saturday, the 28th of March, and a clash of schedule happened today. My intention was to go for a Party Rockets Two Man in the early afternoon and later try to attend a small festival, which featured Chu-Z besides others. But for the same day another festival appeared on my radar: Kami Live Vol. 9, that not only featured Allan’s favourite group Fruity, of which he wanted to convince me while we were eating at an Izekaya, but also – brace yourself – had in its line-up: Continue reading

Getting lost with Predia (I wish)

On this 28th of Decembre I would have had the chance to attend a small Idol Koushien that featured PiiiiiiiN or I could have accompanied Shaun to a Mini Live Release Event by Doll Elements. But as my cold, although slightly better, was still annoying, I didn’t want to take unnecessary risk and opted for a long sleep instead. PiiiiiiiN and Doll Elements were on my schedule for the days to come anyway, so there was nothing to regret here. After waking up shortly before noon I went out for a meal and stopped by at PARMS to secure the tickets for Alice Project‘s New Years Countdown Show on the evening of the 31st. This made me calm down, as I feared of it selling out soon. Rightly. One day later I read on Twitter the show was sold out! Continue reading