New experiences

I have to thank Mayu and Miri again, for luring my sister into idol fandom on the Monday before. Because of it she wanted to see at least Rhymeberry again soon. An opportunity arose on Wednesday, only made known to us by a flyer Miri was distributing at the event last time. The live we would attend therefore turned out to be a great new experience, something I haven’t even thought possible with idol groups. Continue reading

A Spanish heart in Japan

The first day that could be used in part for walking around Tokyo. As we had to go for Shimokitazawa in the afternoon, we decided on striving through Harajuku and Shibuya. Nothing special to report. But I used the chance to show my sister the Shibuya live house area, important for her to know, as both of my sisters will travel to Japan in mid-Septembre to attend the tour start of PASSPO in Tsutaya O-East. I influenced them well! Continue reading

Special: Bellring Shoujo Heart

This trip turned out the be much more about Bellring Shoujo Heart than I anticipated. I would even dare to say, that their lives and personalities made a huge impact on me, even excelling my preference for PASSPO. I caught three lives by them, even spent the money to travel to Sendai for one of their One Man Live’s (my first of the group by the way). My main incentive being the pending graduation by two of their members, Juri and my oshi in the group, Yuka. I wanted to see Bellring Shoujo Heart still performing in the line-up I got to know them. Continue reading