It’s going Up (Up)

What do you think is the better option: Going to a show of an idol group you like alone or accompanying a friend to his favourite idol group, which you don’t care about. I was to find out on Thursday, 26.03.2015, when agreeing to attend a show by Up Up Girls at Shinjuku ReNY with Caio, his most favourite group right now (though he mostly really cares for one member). When first coming in contact with Up Up Girls, they convinced me with their first album, featuring a mixture of electronic and rock songs. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 3

At Day 2 my outfit was the following: My member shirt of Yucky (with her face on it) and my PASSPO Towel put around my head as sun blocker. The last decision was not thought through the end, as I now I didn’t have anything for towel song, you know, the ones were you wave your towel around in the air. Well, well, well… Other (mostly negative) experiences would follow. But we come to that in time. The first show on my schedule was Party Rockets, playing 10:50 on Festival Stage. Very close to the Market Square so I used the chance to look for PASSPO and Ayumikurikamaki goods who weren’t there yesterday as both groups didn’t appear on Day 1. This time I made sure not to stay too long to not miss Party Rockets again. For Ayukuma I bought a shirt and PASSPO one as well, plus Annya banner for my first sister and their Take Off Album. The last one only to get a third akushukai ticket as I had to talk to Annya about her ‘hana takai’ commentary and Yucky, of course. The third I would decide spontaneously. I also took a quick look around the other stalls, but there was nothing else catching my interest. Party Rockets sadly were still sold out on T-Shirts or towels. Continue reading

TIF 2014 – Part 1

Tokyo Idol Festival – a two-day mostly outdoor Idol Festival, the biggest of its kind in Japan, already in its fifth consecutive year. It has several stages, some of them even free and is held in Odaiba, Tokyo – mostly around the end of July on a weekend, despite the disadvantage of the very hot and humid weather. The reason they won’t make it at a climatic more pleasant time is simple: School kids having their summer break and wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend it as in general, school and parents (not only in Japan ) seem to be very strict, pretending to only have their best in mind and pushing the kids to learn instead of having fun. But how can you build up a happy future when you are unable to enjoy the present? This serious thoughts aside (Sorry!) I heard a lot about the weather before from TIF veterans, as well as the many organization problems, the TIF management every year fails to resolve. I shall post my share of it here as well. Continue reading